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[leafnode-list] Differences between Leafnode and Leafnode+

Here is the summary of differences between leafnode and leafnode+.
Disclaimer: I know leafnode+ only from a cursory glance at the code.

- leafnode+ is probably faster in retrieving news (didn't try). leafnode is
  pretty slow.
- leafnode+ supports tunneling through SSH. leafnode doesn't.
- In leafnode+, creation of a Message-ID on outgoing postings may be
  suppressed. Whether this is an advantage or not, I am not sure.
- leafnode+ comes with a configuration tool.
- leafnode+ fetch can understand suck files.
- leafnode+ can handle Supersedes: headers correctly.

- leafnode does understand and correctly parse NEWGROUPS.
- leafnode supports wildmats in NNTP commands. Last time I looked
  leafnode+ didn't.
- leafnode has problems with some NNTP clients. Don't know about
  leafnode+. (If your newsreader has problems with leafnode, please
  send me email, detailing which reader you use.)
- leafnode allows separate fetching of article headers and body. (Does
  not work with Netscape, however.)
- leafnode fetch allows filtering of message headers with arbitrary regexp's.
- leafnode texpire allows expiry on mtimes only.

I am currently working on the speed of fetch. I have a patch written in
pseudocode on paper which should make fetch somewhat faster by overlapping
NNTP commands (that is the way leafnode+ works as well). An even further
speed increase should be possible by opening several NNTP connections
at once, but this is at the moment only a nutty idea in my brain. I also
received a patch by Remi Guyomarch which should increase the speed of
downloading the active file dramatically (from almost an hour down to
about five minutes), although only for the first run.

In addition, I have more patches by several people which mostly fix a variety
of bugs. I hope to incorporate these after I come back to Wuerzburg on
Jun 18th. There are also some patches which I will probably not include
because they increase the possibility of mis-configuring leafnode. This
includes, for example, patches which suppress the generation of message
ids completely, or patches which make the "default article" message
freely configurable.


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