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Re: [leafnode-list] "Getting all newsgroups..." takes 2 hours+

Sam Wilson wrote:

> When I run fetch I get:
>  1.9.2: verbosity level is 4 
>  Trying to connect to news.demon.co.uk ... connected.
>  Getting all newsgroups from news.demon.co.uk
> I have left it connected for almost two hours with no further output.  I
> only have a dialup connection so if it is going to take this long
> everytime I connect...

Two hours seems a bit long to me. Unfortunately, getting all newsgroups
for the first time is broken by design and therefore can take very long
(an hour or so). The good news is that it only takes so long the first time,
never again. The design will be changed in the next version of leafnode.


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