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Re: [leafnode-list] "Getting all newsgroups..." takes 2 hours+

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Cornelius Krasel wrote:

> Jeff Robinson wrote:
> > 2 when i run fetch -vvv it hangs when it compleat's it's task and you have
> > to hit enter to end the task
> You have not read the README file (the TROUBLESHOOTING section). It says:
> Problem: fetch hangs after writing something like "wrote
>          /var/spool/news/de/comp/os/linux/misc/.overview"
> Solution: This is not a problem at all, but fetch's normal behaviour.
>           After getting all articles and storing them on your disk,
>           fetch finishes after starting a sub-process which does some
>           local cleanup in the background. This process is not controlled
>           by the shell anymore but still writes to the terminal. The shell
>           does not realize when this process ends and therefore cannot
>           produce a prompt.

I appear to have successfully dowloaded the groupinfo file (I have
newsgroups begining with character 3 to z).  I can view the list of
available groups from inside my news client (rtin).  The first time I
access a group I get the leafnode placeholder message.  When I start fetch
I get the following:

 [root@masala leafnode]# fetch -vvvv
 1.9.2: verbosity level is 4
 Trying to connect to news.demon.co.uk ... connected.
 Getting all newsgroups from news.demon.co.uk

I have now left this for over 3 hours with no further terminal output.
_Something_ is going on because my ppp (56k modem) link disconects if no
packects are sent/recieved for ~4 minutes.

I have looked inside the interesting groups folder and the correct groups
are listed.

Does the "Getting all newsgroups..." statement mean that it is requesting
the entire list of groups?  If so is it possible to tell it not to? 


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