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Re: [leafnode-list] Bandwidth limiter for fetch downloads?

Stef wrote:
> Now I have another problem.  When fetch runs, it connects to my local
> ISP's news server and completely eats up all the available bandwidth I
> have on my 56k modem connection.

> Has anyone run into this problem and have any solutions??

I'm running leafnode 1.10b2 with Linux 2.0.36 and have no problems with
leafnode eating up all bandwidth. My ip-up contains (in short) the
following calls:

fetch &
sendmail -q

Manually I still start Forte Agent under WABI and surf in the WWW. Okay,
everthing goes slower with 4 parallel programs on my ppp-connection, but
I have the **feeling**, that the load is some how balanced.

Dieter Rohlfing

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