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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode 1 : Gnus 0

Robin S. Socha wrote:
> Hi, I'm using leafnode version 1.9.2 with PGnus. When being idle in a
> newsgroup buffer for a couple of minutes, Gnus cannot display articles upon
> hitting RET. Additionally, since my upgrade from 8.dunno, I cannot run
> gnus-summary-refer-parent-article "^" anymore (Gnus doesn't find the
> article's parent). This happens with both Linux and FreeBSD and does not
> happen with the same Gnus setup under INN. What gives?

Hmm, having read Joerg's answer to this I guess it might be a
prob due to the co-working of pgnus and leafnode 1.9.2

I'm running gnus 5.5 out of the Emerald xemacs package and it
works perfect with leafnode 1.9.2 (meaning: I always get my
article's parents).

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