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Re: [leafnode-list] fetch problem

Daniel F. Fraga wrote:
>         Hi! I was running fetch everyday for 2 months or more without
> problems. However yesterday, fetch didn´t run the process that it 
> would run
> in the end (correction + write). So, when fetch finished, I didn´t see > any
> new messages.

As long as this is not reproducible there is not much hope for help. 

>         PS: another question I have is ¨What is the limit for the 
> numbering
> of messages?¨ For example: I noticed that it writes a file named ¨2¨ 
> then
> ¨3¨, ¨4¨ etc and goes up. Is there a limit or it will go raising 
> forever?

The limit is - IIRC - 2^31. I.e. even for a high traffic with ~1000
articles per day you will enough message numbers for the next 5883


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