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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode 1 : Gnus 0

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> Joerg Dietrich wrote:
> >       Cornelius, what about a 1.9.3? This is getting annoying!
> I fully agree. However, I don't think it makes sense to release a 
> 1.9.3
> and a few weeks later release a 1.10 which is more rigorosely tested
> already: I guess there are at least a few dozen people using 1.10b2
> at the moment without much complaints - except the ones which I've
> already posted to the list. 

Here is one more. Archiving with texpire is currently very broken. If
you set archgroup = * you'll get the complete complete groupinfo
directory tree in your archdir. Ok, this should be easy to fix, just
insert a isintering() before mkdir().
	Much more severe is that archiving is done with link(). I think most
people (like me) don't want to archive on their spool partition. And
then link() fails with EXDEV. I tried to solve this by using copyfile()
from rnews but this doesn't work as it should by now. I hope I'll have
some more time at the end of next week.

All this leads to one conclusion: leafnode's new features are not well
tested enough. Also the problems I had with rnews should have occured to
anyone seriously using it. No bug reports came. Therefore I'm in favour
of adding things like the free(q)-patch, the
dot-at-the-beginning-of-line-patch and some other small bugfixes (and
only bugfixes) to leafnode-1.9.2 to get a stable 1.9.3 (with a short
beta period of let's say one week, if there are no complains).


P.S. There is a 2nd conclusion: The people using 1.10b2 should do some
more testing...

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