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[leafnode-list] access via message-id

Something to consider for a future version of Leafnode . . .

I've run into a problem using Leafnode with the commercial provider
Remarq (aka Supernews).  They have deliberately disabled access via
message-id to the NNTP "head" and "body" commands.  They claim this
was done for performance and scaling reasons.   Arguments with
Remarq about "fixing" this have generally gotten no where, with them
claiming they'll support this again in the future when they set up new
servers.  As is the case with entities such as this they will not
commit to a firm date and will only say that it'll be "real soon now."
And they've been saying that for several months now . . .

So, the point of my message is that for a future implementation of
Leafnode it might be useful to consider a redesign of fetch so that it
can access articles via article-number instead of message-id.  As the
bandwidth needs of Usenet continue to grow, more ISPs may consider
outsourcing Usenet access to commercial providers like Remarq.

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