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Re: [leafnode-list] scripts to keep groups coming (was: (no subject))

<< In my case, I'm the only user on my system,
and I use gnus to read my mail, so my script just looks at the .newsrc
file and touches interesting.groups/<group name> for anything that is
subscribed. It's at http://www.world.std.com/~lconrad/touchnews.sh if
anyone wants it.

I do much the same thing, but I "rm *" in interesting.groups
beforehand.  That way, it stops fetching groups immediately
after I unsubscribe to them.

Looks like this is a Frequently Useful Task.  C., want to
put a script into the distribution to do this sort of thing,
or maybe a "use_newsrc =" option into the config file, or something?

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