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Re: [leafnode-list] access via message-id

Cornelius Krasel <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: Michael Faurot wrote:

:>     /* check whether we can retrieve the body */
:>     if ( verbose > 2 )
:>         printf( "%s: BODY %s\n", group->name, messageid );
:>     sprintf( lineout, "BODY %s\r\n", messageid );
:>     putaline(); 

: This part of the code is only used if you use the delaybody feature,
: i.e. if you choose to download headers and bodies separately. In what
: I would call the "normal" operation of leafnode the bodies of articles
: are requested by the number of the articles, not their message ids.

: If you want to use "delaybody", then I fully agree :-)

Yes, I'm using the "delaybody" option.  So, would it be possible in a
future version of fetch to implement the delaybody functionality, but
without using a message-id argument to the NNTP body command?  

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