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Re: [leafnode-list] scripts to keep groups coming (was: (no subject))

On Wed, 23 Jun 1999, David Given was heard blurting out:

> [...]
> >The relevant point for this exercise is that the group name is
> >followed by a colon if the group is subscribed, and by an ! if it is
> >unsubscribed.  (At least in gnus, but I think in things like rn and
> >tin as well.)
> ...and knews, trn, strn, netscape, and every other newsreader I've met. I 
> think we can safely assume that it's standard.
> The list of read articles is a comma-separated list of article numbers or 
> ranges. A range is two numbers seperated with a hyphen.
> comp.os.linux.powerpc! 1-667,696,710-711
I an assuming this should be a colon if it was a subscribed group. Sorry for
being nitpicking about it.

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