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Re: [leafnode-list] Does fetch have an auto-resume capabibily?

>In other words,
>	if I start fetch and the I stop it after some minutes (say kill it)
>what it will happen the next time I restart fetch?
>It will start from where it stopped?
>It will broke something?

It'll resume from when it left off.

Whenever Leafnode shuts down, intentionally or otherwise, it updates the 
database. So if it crashes half-way through it'll keep everything consistent. 
The next time it's run, it'll just see new articles on the upstream server and 
will get them as usual.

If something goes really badly wrong (like when my machine ran out of disk 
space), the .overview files in which the database metadata is stored can be 
corrupted (in my case they were truncated to 0 bytes). In this situation, 
everything goes pear-shaped, but things can be easily fixed by removing them 

find /var/spool/news -name ".overview" -exec rm -f {} \;

The next time Leafnode is run, they'll all be rebuilt. (Three-quarters of an 
hour of constant disc grinding.) It all seems to be remarkably fault-tolerant.

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