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Re: [leafnode-list] Does fetch have an auto-resume capabibily?

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> Enrico Luciano wrote:
> > if I start fetch and the I stop it after some minutes (say kill it)
> > what it will happen the next time I restart fetch?
> It will initiate a completely new session. That is, articles that have
> not been fetched yet will be fetched. Dependent on how you killed fetch,
> there may be some administrative overhead, but not much.
> If you must kill fetch, it is advisable to do this by sending it
> SIGINT. fetch will then do some cleanup before it exits.
> --Cornelius.

..so if I start fetch as usual and I stop it (intentionally with a
SIGHUP signal) after 1 hour and after I restart it after other 2 hours
it will work this way?

	1. Fetch starts downloading new groups
	2. fetch is killed with SIGHUP, so it saves already fetched arcticles
and closes al the opened files in a correct way 

	3. fetch is restarted after a while and it starts downloading NEW
articles (not the same downloaded in point 1) an goes on until a SIGUP
or until it ends.

Tell me if this is correct. (Please Cornelius...)

I want to spread the fetch action during the day in this fashion:
		06:00am 		a complete fetch action
		from 9am to 18 am 	some fetch session 30minutes long (just new

or something like...

	I think it is very useful expecially in conjunction with the delaybody
option... I want to do this:  During the day I'll fetch only headers and
interesting arcticles, while in the night I'll fetch everything... I
think I must run fetch with different configuration files... but I think
it is not a problem...

What do you think?


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