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Re: [leafnode-list] Does fetch have an auto-resume capabibily?

Enrico Luciano wrote:

> ..so if I start fetch as usual and I stop it (intentionally with a
> SIGHUP signal) after 1 hour and after I restart it after other 2 hours
> it will work this way?
> 	1. Fetch starts downloading new groups
> 	2. fetch is killed with SIGHUP, so it saves already fetched arcticles
> and closes al the opened files in a correct way 

As said before, it is better to kill fetch with a SIGINT since it will
do some cleanup as well. In any case, fetch will not fetch the same
article twice. But what is the sense of killing fetch anyway? It
always fetches only new articles. On my server, fetch runs every two
hours, and one run takes about 10 min (fetching only news from the
local server). In addition there is a fetch run at 4 in the morning which
gets news from several servers all around the world.

> 	I think it is very useful expecially in conjunction with the delaybody
> option... I want to do this:  During the day I'll fetch only headers and
> interesting arcticles, while in the night I'll fetch everything...

My gut feeling is that this will probably not work.


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