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[leafnode-list] leafnode w/ strange errors when using netscape

Hi everyone!

Finally I got my leafnode running. There are, however, some problems
remaining. Namely, if I send a message to a newsgroup with
netscape-4.08, the next message I want to read will trigger an error:
'...dazed or confused ...' or so. After one or two seconds, it loads
the article, but subsequently I am not able to Reply To Newsgroup until
I restart netscape.
Sometimes I also get ng's that are empty, but netscape reports they had
14 billion messages in it (although they do not show up, of course).
Don't tell me to not use netscape. It worked as long as I stayed online
and used the upstream news server directly. Never had any problems with
that, so I guess it has something to do with leafnode.
Without debugmode=1, leafnode does not report any errors to the syslog.
With debugmode=1, please wait, checking....
nothing, just the usual 'connect from localhost' and 'config: server is
..' lines.

What's going on?


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