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[leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE:] leafnode-1.9.3beta5

Earlier today, I wrote about the beta 4 version:

> Known bugs which are not fixed yet:
> 1) problems with capitalized newsgroups
> 2) sensitive to news spool overflows (groupinfo file will probably be
>    truncated)

1.9.3beta5 tries to address these questions. Please test it and report
problems back to me.

If you install 1.9.3beta5, it is imperative to do a "make update" since
it is necessary to re-sort your groupinfo file. "make update" will sort
your groupinfo file in a case-insensitive manner, and any other access
to these data will now proceed in a case-insensitive manner as well
(i.e. creation of directories in interesting.groups, findgroup() and
insertgroup() -- I hope I didn't forget anything).

You will notice that, whereas the 1.9.3beta4 archive was only around
123 kBytes, the 1.9.3beta5 archive is approx. 254 kBytes. This is
because leafnode-1.9.3beta5 now uses pcre (Perl-compatible regular
expressions) for filtering. If pcre is installed on your system already,
the configure should recognize this and use the installed version.
If pcre is not installed (for example on my own computer), the configure
will make its own library and use it instead. The advantages of using
pcre are
(1) speed (I would guess that pcre is at least twice as fast as libc
    regexec()), and
(2) the format of the regular expressions is fully documented (see any
    decent Perl book; leafnode will install pcre(3) on your system as well).

Known bugs: none :-) (except that the German documentation is not
completely up-to-date anymore, and things mentioned in TODO)


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