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[leafnode-list] Feature request.

I'm on 1.9.2.

I'm not an expert of news servers, so I report what I heard.

You can compile INN so that after a client (a newsreader or leafnode's fetch)
has downloaded 100 (or a fixed number) of articles it slows down dramatically.

I verified this with my ISP newsserver: after 50 articles fetch slows down, if
I kill and restart fetch it goes very fast for 50 articles and then it slows
down, so it's not a problem of fetch, it is my ISP newsserver.

In a newsgroup I saw a post in which someone suggested to a "suck" user to put
"...-C 100  in get-news.."  in order to bypass the problem of INN servers
doing this slowdown; that is suck would do something like download only 100
articles at a time. 

Could something similar be added to fetch?


p.s. I'm the one who had the 70MB swapping problem in the past when fetch had
to do with somehow corrupted spool files. It didn't happen anymore :-),
however I'd like to know if this problem will be resolved in future versions
(I see that there is a beta 1.10 out).

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