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Re: [leafnode-list] "fetch" doesn't

Chris Watt wrote:

> 	I've saw a question much like this in the archives, but the accompanying
> answer was "upgrade to 1.9.2" which doesn't help in my case since 1.9.2 is
> the first version I installed.

[fetch creates interesting.groups but does not download files]

The obvious thing I can think of is wrong permissions of /var/spool/news.
They should look like this:

drwxr-sr-x  19 news     news         5120 Apr 27 04:44 /var/spool/news/

and you should find new directories below it (like
/var/spool/news/news/software/readers if you read news.software.readers).
These directories are created on-the-fly when fetch runs. Another
possibility is that /var/spool/news/message.id does not exist or does
not contain subdirectories (there should be 1000 of them, called 000 to
999). These should have drwxrwsr-x permissions and be owned by news:news.

> P.S. Certainly this program cannot be accused of producing vast quantities
> of useless debugging information. . . P)

It depends. Just switch on the debug mode as detailed in the README file,
and you get more information than you most likely appreciate :-)


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