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Re: [leafnode-list] Bandwidth limiter for fetch downloads?

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Hi guys, sorry it took so long for me to get this out::: 

I will answer each one by one.. 



Thats pretty odd. you must be with a wimpy ISP or you are grabbing from a
news server across the net' somewhere.  In my experiences with local ISP
news server that my machine is on the same network as my news server, the
news server ALWAYS completely saturates my line with as much bandwidth as
I can get.  

Which is totally not what I want.. maybe we should trade news servers??
Ill show you mine if you show me yours. ;) 

Yeah I nail my connection up 24/7, so I want the news fetching to be a
real background, slow kind of thing. I dont want to even notice its there,
and right now, my 'RD' light on my modem is SOLID whenever its fetching,
and I cannot move through web browsing or ssh sessions. 

 On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:

> << When fetch runs, it connects to my local
> ISP's news server and completely eats up all the available bandwidth I
> have on my 56k modem connection. >>
> 1) Lucky you.  Mine takes maybe 50% of the bandwidth.
> 2) How can *I* get mine to do that?  I want the phone calls
>    to be as short as possible.



Things do not just go slower, I get 1/10 the bandwidth or LESS when
surfing the web with my connection.  When I will normally get 4.8 K to 5.2
K on a idle line, with fetch running ill be lucky to get up to 0.4 K - 0.6 
K. Most pages will give up loading altogether, and stall. 

 On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Dieter Rohlfing wrote:

> I'm running leafnode 1.10b2 with Linux 2.0.36 and have no problems with
> leafnode eating up all bandwidth. My ip-up contains (in short) the
> following calls:
> fetch &
> sendmail -q
> fetchmail
> Manually I still start Forte Agent under WABI and surf in the WWW. Okay,
> everthing goes slower with 4 parallel programs on my ppp-connection, but
> I have the **feeling**, that the load is some how balanced.
> Dieter Rohlfing



I have posted up the script on a little mini-page I have on my server::


I make NO WARRANTIES about this script at all.  It is very roughly
written.  Make sure you run it in cron or interactively as 'news' not

About being to slow to download enough groups.  I dont really care how
slow it goes, Ill subscribe to just the groups that a low bandwidth
background feed can feed me.  I would keep deleteing groups I want until
whatever bandwidth I am getting (preferably around 25 % to 50 % ) can just
get all the articles running almost all the time.

On Tue, 15 Jun 1999, Jeff Robinson wrote:

> i would like to look at that script
> and i to wishthat there was some way to limit the bandwidth but if you limit
> it to much on a 56k modem leafnode will never finish fetching new's and it
> dont process new new's untill it finishes


Hi Cornelius::

Its a nice thought, but I dont think it will make a damn bit of
difference. Fetch is pretty non-CPU intensive at modem speeds, except when 
deal with tons of little articles, and even then, not really.  

I think this might only work on a heavily loaded very slow machine (486 or
slower) .. and I dont have such a linux box to try this out on at the
moment. I just have a P5-133 machine and fetch when downloading bigger
articles, barely touches the load of the machine.  (from 0.00).

 On Wed, 16 Jun 1999, Cornelius Krasel wrote:

> Although I can hardly imagine that (fetch is not exactly famous for its
> speed) it may be possible to alleviate the problem by running fetch at
> another "nice" level.
> (Disclaimer: I did not try this.)

> --Cornelius.


Thanks for all the responses!!! Anyone let me know if they come across
something in the future.. post it here :0

- Stefan

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