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Re: [leafnode-list] Bandwidth limiter for fetch downloads?

Dieter Rohlfing wrote:
> Marc Mutz wrote:
> > I would like to ask the exact opposite of all that. I have the strong
> > feeling that downloading articles over the modem line could be faster.
> > So maybe there could be in future releases a command line option that
> > lets one specify which newsgroups a given instance of fetch should
> > visit, so one could do
> >  fetch -P
> >  fetch --only-newsgroups comp.* &
> >  fetch --only-newsgroups alt.* &
> > in e.g. ip-up?
> Maybe that's faster!!!??? I really don't know.

	It'n not faster, but surely really useful... There are many somple
options to add to the leafnode code.. why don't we list them as a wish
list? The most important things in a  softweare are flexibility and
efficience... and this is flexib...

> I've implemented the XOVER command in fetch (based on 1.10b2), and it
> shows that fetch with XOVER is 3 times faster than fetch with HEADER.
> Over all I can get rates about 3 KB/sec with a 33.6 modem. If N > 100
> the XOVER rate is even higher, sometimes 4-5 KB/sec (thanks to modem
> compression).

..and this is efficience...



What do U think, Cornelius?

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