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Re: [leafnode-list] Bandwidth limiter for fetch downloads?

Marc Mutz wrote:

> I would like to ask the exact opposite of all that. I have the strong
> feeling that downloading articles over the modem line could be faster.

Yes, that's true and has been discussed several times.

> So maybe there could be in future releases a command line option that
> lets one specify which newsgroups a given instance of fetch should
> visit, so one could do
>  fetch -P
>  fetch --only-newsgroups comp.* &
>  fetch --only-newsgroups alt.* &
> in e.g. ip-up?

This will bring you into heavy trouble if you have crossposts between
these groups and at the end of the fetching when fetch writes the
overview and (that's most important) the groupinfo file.

> Shouldn't be too hard. Maybe I do it myself if I find the time and
> submit a patch?

I agree that it would be nice to have a --only-newsgroups option, but
then the lockfile has to inhibit other instances of fetch (as it does
now). Otherwise you'll find yourself in some bad race conditions. 
	As I understand Cornelius, he has some plans to rewrite/extend
fetchnews in a way that it itself opens several connections and can
circumvent these race conditions.


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