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Re: [leafnode-list] anyone know how to do this

On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, Joerg Dietrich was heard blurting out:

> Cornelius Krasel wrote: 
> > Jeff Robinson wrote: 
> > > It would be nice to be able to auto start a fech session when a user
> > > subscribes to a new group
> > 
> > What should this accomplish? The user will not see the new articles
> > immediately because it takes some time to fetch them. Furthermore,
> > for people with dialup connections this is likely to waste money,
> > because a connection would have to be started every time a user
> > subscribes to a new group (this is irrelevant for people in the U.S.
> > where local calls are free).
> Well, I like Jeff's idea. Whenever I subscribe to a new group I
> immediately start fetch (I don't live in the US, not yet). If the phone
> costs are a problem you don't have to use this feature. For people with
> a static connection it would be nice, anyway. 
> 	I wrote a little patch for 1.10b2 to accomplish this. You can add 
> auto_start_program = /fire/up/my/ISP/connection
> auto_start_args = -arguments -passed -to -auto_start_program
> to your config and auto_start_program will be started with the options
> specified in auto_start_args when you subscribe to a new group.

I would love to see this come a runtime option so We the admins can
select it. I have a 56K Frame and everytime I want to subscribe to a new
group I have to wait till the next cron kicks it off < I run every three
hours> or su to news and kick it off manually.

Just my $.02

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