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Re: [leafnode-list] Expire help ???

Mike A. Lewis wrote:

> I was under the impression that 'texpire -f -v &' would expire ALL
> articles.

No. The -f flag just causes texpire not to check for threads.

> Having just ran out of disk space, I tried to use this and found that my
> assumption was totally incorrect.  Is there a way to expire ALL articles,
> regardless of when they were accessed ?

cd /var/spool/news
# Make a backup of the configuration and groupinfo file
tar czf /var/spool/leafnode.conf.tar.gz leaf.node/*
# remove the whole newsspool
rm -rf *
# reinstall backup
tar xzf /var/spool/leafnode.conf.tar.gz
rm /var/spool/leafnode.conf.tar.gz

(Don't do this if you don't understand what you are doing.)


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