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Re: [leafnode-list] problems with fetch...

> Russell J. Romano wrote:
> > I just upgraded my linux install to RH 6.0... and installed the leafnode RPM.
> > I edited the /etc/leafnode/config file to point it to my upstream mail server 
> > and rebooted.  When I run fetch -vvvvv  :)  (as root) it IMMEDIATELY replies 
> > that failed to connect to the server.
> Can you connect manually to your server? (I.e. does "telnet your.server nntp"
> work while being on-line?)
> --Cornelius.

I never tried to connect manually.  The server responded to a ping and Netscape was able to reach the news server directly... so I didn't think of it.

It doesn't seem that it even TRIES to make a connection... it instantly reports "failed to connect to server" or something to that effect.  Then when I cat the /var/log/messages it says that it couldn't create a lockfile.  What lockfile is it talking about and where would it put it??  Maybe there is a directory missing or something?

I think I'm going to download the source to the newest leafnode release and compile it tonight... my last compile attempt failed with a sed syntax error so I found the 1.9.2 rpm package.


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