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Re: [leafnode-list] hey cornelius

"Jeff Robinson" <sse@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> any chance of you porting a version of Leafnode for those windows 98 and NT
> users !!

Give them "Hamster", avalaible at http://freebee.home.pages.de/

It's a BETA-Version, but perfectly working & stable.

"Hamster" can fetch newsgroups from different servers as well as mail from
different POP-accounts and send mail / news out again. Local groups are
supported, as well as a score file complete with PERL Regexp. Access is
controlled based on the IP-address of the connecting client.

You can start and use "Hamster" manually on the "server" machine; but it's
also possible to control it via OLE and scripts (using the Windows
Scripting Host or Perl). Examples are included.

"Hamster" and its documentation are in English; support is given via
mailing-list (usehamsternet@xxxxxxxxxxx) in German language.


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