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Re: [leafnode-list] hey cornelius

> From: Russell J. Romano <rromano@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> >Save their soul and help them install linux :)

From: "Jeff Robinson" <sse@xxxxxxxx>

> they cant there bosses wont let them

If the boss won't allow Linux, which is getting lots of good
press these days and is being used by many respectable
institutions, I doubt he would allow them to run some
other non-standard open source package that he's never heard
of.  Especially on a Windows machine -- they aren't known
for their stability when running non-MS software.

If this is a machine the boss doesn't use personally, just
install Linux and run fvwm95, and you should be able to get
it to look just like 95.  Then set up a Blue Screen Of Death 
screen-saver, and he'll never notice the difference. :-)

Aaron Baugher - abaugher@xxxxxxxx - Quincy, IL, USA
Extreme Systems Consulting - http://haruchai.rnet.com/esc/
CGI, Perl, Java, and Linux/Unix Administration

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