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[leafnode-list] Cannot install Leafnode-1.9.3


I'm new in this mailinglist. I hope, you don't have a problem with my
not so fine english...

Today I've tried to install Leafnode-1.9.3. But it doesn't work. Here's
what I've done:

1) I've deleted the link '/usr/local/leafnode' to 'leafnode-1.9.2'
2) I've created the directory '/usr/local/leafnode-1.9.3/'
3) I've symlinked '/usr/local/leafnode' to 'leafnode-1.9.3/'
4) I've untarred the archive, with 'tar xvfz'
5) I've start './configure --prefix=/usr/local/leafnode' in the
source-tree, this works fine
6) I've start 'make', this works fine.
7) I've start 'make install', and I've geht this on STDERR:

cp: ./pcre/pcre.7: No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

I've take a look at the directory '/usr/src/leafnode-1.9.3/pcre/', an
I've seen, that the file 'pcre.7' really not exist. What could I do?

I've get the archive from


have fun
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