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Re: [leafnode-list] Cannot install Leafnode-1.9.3

Cornelius Krasel wrote:

> Thomas Bader wrote:

> > 7) I've start 'make install', and I've geht this on STDERR:
> > 
> > ---------------------->>----------------------
> > cp: ./pcre/pcre.7: No such file or directory
> > make: *** [install] Error 1
> > ----------------------<<----------------------
> > 
> > I've take a look at the directory '/usr/src/leafnode-1.9.3/pcre/', an
> > I've seen, that the file 'pcre.7' really not exist. What could I do?

> Copy /usr/src/leafnode-1.9.3/pcre.7 to /usr/src/leafnode-1.9.3/pcre/pcre.7,
> and it should work fine. This mistake happened when making the package...

Well, while most people will recognize this little bug after doing
"make install", it's ok to copy leafnode-1.9.3/pcre.7 to
/usr/local/man/man7, so one must not do "make install" again.


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