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Re: [leafnode-list] Rejecting/Selecting posts to download...

Russell J. Romano wrote:

> I've had leafnode working for several days now... however I'd like to
> restrict its behavior in a manner that doesn't seem to be supported.  I would
> like to have the ability to reject (or select) posts based on the description
> line.  

I suppose you are talking about the Subject: header.

You can globally filter postings for any arbitrary header by using the
filter file. For example,

^Subject: *.leafnode

will reject all postings which have "leafnode" in the Subject: header. It
will NOT reject postings with "Leafnode" or any other capitalized spelling.

The README contains a somewhat more elaborate section about the filter
file, and the format of the regular expressions is explained in pcre(7)
which comes with the latest version of leafnode (1.9.3).

The filter file has currently two disadvantages. First, it is not possible
to filter only selected newsgroups. Second, it is not possible to select
postings based on a header.


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