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[leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE] leafnode-1.9.4

Well, I guess it was time to fix the pcre.7 bug. (I hope I managed not
to inadvertantly introduce other bugs...) Also, I fixed some small lapses
in the docs and rewrote a few teeny weeny pieces of code. If you have
1.9.3 and run it successfully, you definitely don't need it.

Available from the Leafnode home page at
and (soon) your favourite sunsite mirror (and all the other mirrors
listed on the page).


/* Cornelius Krasel, U Wuerzburg, Dept. of Pharmacology, Versbacher Str. 9 */
/* D-97078 Wuerzburg, Germany   email: phak004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  SP4 */
/* "Science is the game we play with God to find out what His rules are."  */

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