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[leafnode-list] texpire causes network activity?

I just installed leafnode 1.9.3, and so far it's working great.
The system is Redhat Linux 5.2, connecting to my ISP with dial
on demand (diald). I'm leafnode once a day, and have texpire
scheduled to run once a day, at 4:00 AM.

The problem: when texpire runs, it seems to generate network
traffic, because it triggers diald, dialing the modem (and
waking me up in the process). This seems strange, since I was
under the impression that texpire simply deletes expired articles
from the server.

I ran tcpdump on the server, and from what I can tell, it seems
to be doing a reverse DNS lookup:

tcpdump: listening on sl0

04:01:16.890000 > 26003+ PTR?  (40)
04:01:17.150000 >  7062+ (44)
04:01:21.900000 > 26003+ PTR?  (40)
04:01:22.160000 >  7062+ (44)
04:01:31.910000 > 26003+ PTR?  (40)
04:01:32.170000 >  7062+ (44)
04:01:37.120000 >  7063+ PTR?  (40)

Has anyone else using leafnode with dial on demand experienced
this?  Am I doing something wrong? Any advice or information
would be appreciated.

George Lane

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