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Re: [leafnode-list] texpire causes network activity?

BTW, I was quite surprised to find lots of lstats to unrelated files,
for example:

lstat("../../../../../../lost+found", [dev 3 2 ino 11 nlnks 2 ...]) = 0
lstat("../../../../../../System.map", [dev 3 2 ino 336 nlnks 1 ...]) = 0

and the rest of /.  My guess is that it's a call to get the current
directory -- "getcwd" / "getwd" / whatever the heck it is; I always
have to look it up.  I believe it has to go all the way back to root
to find the current directory.  I believe it worked that way on HP-UX,
at least.  I worked on systems where there were NFS mounts in the
top-level directory.  If the remote system went down, /bin/pwd would
hang the system I was on.

Anyone have more authoritative information?

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