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Re: [leafnode-list] Rejecting/Selecting posts to download...

Russell J. Romano wrote:
> I would like to
> have the ability to reject (or select) posts based on the description line.

leafnode's (or more exactly: fetch's) filter feature only allows you to
reject articles (based on any header line). I've made several
enhancements to leafnode, one of them is to load the body of an article
depending on similar filter rules like the reject mechanism.

Furthermore I've implemented the XOVER command to download the headers
with one command (fetch now issues for each article one HEAD command,
yielding in a rate of 2-3 headers/sec). With the XOVER feature you will
get about 20 headers/sec (both numbers are for a 33.6 modem). To be
honest, you'll get this big advantage only, if you're using leafnode's
delaybody feature.

A few weeks ago I offered Cornelius to incorporate these enhancements
into the regular version, but up to now he didn't react in any way.
Seems to me he isn't interested.

Dieter Rohlfing

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