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[leafnode-list] data type "int" and article numbers in leafnode - portability?

Hi, Cornelius,

after hacking a little in leafnode (I hope, the world is already
appreciating some of the bug fixes I contributed), I am wondering which
part of the entire package guarantees that an int is actually at least
32 bits wide. Since all article numbers are stored in a simple "int"
type variable, I expect leafnode to break down horribly in case
somebody uses it on a system that uses 16 bit "int".

Any point that makes the compilation fail once it touches a condition
where INT_MAX (<limits.h>) is only 32767? If not so, I suggest that we
get one for the next version of leafnode. 

Besides, it's non-trivial to try to replace all relevant int
occurrences by long. 

Matthias Andree

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