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Re: [leafnode-list] data type "int" and article numbers in leafnode -

>Matthias Andree wrote:
>> after hacking a little in leafnode (I hope, the world is already
>> appreciating some of the bug fixes I contributed), I am wondering which
>> part of the entire package guarantees that an int is actually at least
>> 32 bits wide. Since all article numbers are stored in a simple "int"
>> type variable, I expect leafnode to break down horribly in case
>> somebody uses it on a system that uses 16 bit "int".
>Yup. The proper solution would be to replace all ints by unsigned longs.
>I think Kazushi has done this in leafnode+. I suppose it will be a major
>hassle, though :-)

Our you could use glib and gints (which are guaranteed to be 32 bits wide or 
better). This would get you all the funky glib data management routines, too, 
that I'm sure would be useful somewhere.

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