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Re: [leafnode-list] data type "int" and article numbers in leafnode -

>* David Given (dg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) [1999-07-21 11:10]:
>> Our you could use glib and gints (which are guaranteed to be 32 bits
>> wide or better). This would get you all the funky glib data
>> management routines, too, that I'm sure would be useful somewhere.
>What's that glib stuff about?

glib is the backend library used by gtk and gdk. It forms a pretty much 
complete wrapper around operating system functions; the idea is that you port 
glib once to each platform, and then any glib program should just work on it.

It provides all kinds of nifty features, such as: AVL trees; linked lists; 
memory allocation in about fifty different ways; IPC stuff; streams; and 
they're just starting work on exceptions (yes, this is C). It also provides a 
set of standard types with slightly different guarantees than the C standard 
types. For example, gints are 32 bits or more, gshorts are 16 bits or more, 
gchars are 8 bits or more. It's really handy if you're worried about 

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