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[leafnode-list] fetch segfaults

Hi folks,

I've been using leafnode for quite a while now, but for a few days now I
didn't get any news.
So I started fetch myself and found out, that it has trouble of some
kind I cannot understand. Can you point me to something I can start
looking at?
I don't think I changed anything of importance but than: every request
starts like that doesn't it? ;-)

Help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


homer# fetch -vvvvvvvvvv
1.6.2: verbosity level is 10
Read active groups every 90 days
Unsubscribe unread groups after 7 days
Unsubscribe groups that have been read once after 2 days
Trying to connect to news.rwth-aachen.de ... connected.
Trying to connect to news.rwth-aachen.de ... connected.
LIST ACTIVE done 3124742 seconds ago, issuing NEWGROUPS
Read server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.rwth-aachen.de
rwth.dialup: considering articles 8135-8184
rwth.dialup: will fetch 8135 (<379709CB.1906C659@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
rwth.dialup: will fetch 8136 (<37970AB2.6F9A6EE9@xxxxxx>)
rwth.dialup: will fetch 8137 (<37970B5A.D76909DD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
rwth.dialup: will fetch 8138 (<379715E7.D9FB9A8D@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
rwth.dialup: will fetch 8139 (<3797170A.2BAF95A0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
rwth.dialup: will fetch 8178 (<3797170A.2BAF95A0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
rwth.dialup: receiving article 8178 (5 more up in the air)
..saw header Path:
..saw header From:
..saw header Newsgroups:
..saw header Subject:
..saw header Date:
..saw header Lines:
..saw header Message-ID:
..saw header Xref:
unable to store article
Segmentation fault

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