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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews

kwalker@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Not very dangerous, but can be annoying.  When you kill fetchnews like
> you described, it immediately kills fetchnews.  No cleanup or posting
> of messages takes place.  I'm not sure about losing files because it is
> possible (I don't know if it's certain or not) to lose the article that
> it was downloading when you SIGTERM'd it, but as far as loging
> already-downloaded articles, no it won't lose them.

SIGTERM will not kill applications immediately, unless they do not catch
this signal. Most applications, however, do catch it and manage a clean
shutdown just like as if you had quitted them from menu.
SIGKILL is the one that immediately kills applications.
However, with fetchnews not catching SIGTERM, it is killed just like
with SIGKILL, so you are essentilly right. :-)


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