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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems

Arne Schmitz wrote:

[tin and nn don't show newsgroups; OE does.]

Since it appears that your newsserver works properly, the next guess
I have is that tin and nn don't connect to "localhost" but somewhere
else. You should be sure that either the environment variable
$NNTPSERVER is set to localhost or /etc/nntpserver contains "localhost"
(or your hostname). If you use a fairly recent version of tin, it tells
you the output of "mode reader", and for leafnode, this is something
like "Leafnode 1.9.4, pleased to meet you". You should see this after
the "Connecting to host.name ..." message. If you see something different,
please tell us what it is.

[leafnode does not download any articles from news.microsoft.de but does from

This one is easy. You need an username and password to get news from
news.microsoft.de but no username and password for msnews.microsoft.com.


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