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[OT] Re: [leafnode-list] Supersedes?

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:
> The more subtle clue was in my pre-signature,
>     Tim "'cause I'm a blond" McDaniel
> There was a TWIAVBP problem (The World Is A Very Big Place): for some
> reasons, blonds / blondes have a reputation in the US of being stupid.
> There was also a humorous song a few years ago, "'Cause I'm a Blonde",
> in which the singer shows that she's extremely stupid and says that
> she's a blonde.
Not only in the US. It's the same here in Good'ol'Germany. We had a time
a few years back where blondes jokes were very popular. They mostly
dealt with how stupid and sex-fanatic (in search for the right word :-)
blones 'are'. One that I remember (not because it was such a good one):
Q: "Why are coffins for blondes triangularly shaped?"
A: <intentionally left blank>

OT, I know, but I'm always glad to present to you guys from the US some
of the 'culture' of the Old World (If that's what Europe is called in
English, too).


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