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[leafnode-list] (forw) [leafnode] Re: LN 1.4 Splitt fetch of header/body

Is this still planned???


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Hi Maik,

Currently, there are two leafnode programs.  One is mine,
leafnode+ 2.8.  The othere is Cornelius's, leafnode 1.9.4.
We are planing to merge both.  The feature of splitting
fetch of header and body is his leafnode's feature.  Could
you ask him?  The home page.of leafnode 1.9.4 is

   On Jul 28, 13:33, Maik Holtkamp wrote:
   > Subject: [leafnode] LN 1.4 Splitt fetch of header/body
   > Sorry, forgot to add subject first time.
   > Hello list,
   > I'm rather new not only in leafnode but also in unix (Linix). I spend
   > almost my complete holiday on cofiguring the German Linux distribution
   > SuSE 6.1. The distribution recomend leafnode as News Server, however, I
   > was not very lucky with this solution since it failed to fetch the news
   > when splitting news headers/bodies. The leafnode version on the CD is
   > 1.9.2.-13. I used various kind of newsreaders krn( prefered choice),
   > knews, tin, NS. In the documentaion of the leafnode version I was
   > informed that it could cause troubles to use split receive of H/B along
   > with NS. Therefore I thought it will work with the other NR. However I
   > did not succeed. 

-- Kazushi
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