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[leafnode-list] Using "delaybody" and tin


I'm a relative newcomer to the list, but have been all through the
archive in the last two days and can't find anything to help me 
with the following problem.  I'd appreciate any advice anyone
can offer.

I've got leafnode and fetchnews up and running fine. The only thing
that I cannot get to work is the delaybody functionality. Each
time I run fetchnews (manually at the moment) it downloads the
headers of new articles, but never attempts to download any articles
themselves. I am using tin as the newsreader (version 1.2), but have
also tried slrn without success. Is there something obvious that
I am overlooking? Is simply reading a message in tin not enough
for leafnode to know that it should download the body the next
time fetchnews is executed?  Where is the information on what
messages to download stored when running with delaybody?

Any suggestions gladly received.



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