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Re: [leafnode-list] How to post articles to newsgroups?

Frank Wagner wrote:

> recently I tried to post an article to a newsgroup with Netscape 4.05.
> The name of the newsgroup appeared in the "to" Field so I wrote my
> message and as I finnished I clicked the send button.
> In with way will this message go to my upstream newsserver, because it
> is not posted yet.
> When I start newsq I saw my message is still there an after a complete
> fetch from my newsserver this message is still in the news queue.

fetch should provide you with some error messages. Try, for example,
fetch -vvvv, or have a look into your /var/log/messages file after
a run.

I am not very familiar with Netscape, but the correct header for
a newsgroup should be titled "Newsgroups:" and not "To:". The latter
is usually reserved for mail. You can check whether your headers
are correct by looking into /var/spool/news/out.going/ ; this is
where your posted messages are stored until fetch posts them.


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