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Re: [leafnode-list] Selecting posts by subject

Schneelocke wrote:

> from what I know, it is not yet possible to have fetchnews only download
> posts to certain newsgroups which have a specific word in their subject,
> is it?

No, it is currently only possible to "negatively select" for articles,
positive selection is not yet featured. It would not be too difficult
to implement this, though, although it will be necessary to change
the format of the filter file for this. At the moment, I favour
a new format like this:

newsgroup = foo.bar	# necessary, glob possible
regex = kill.*on[1-9]	# necessary
action = 		# optional: possibilities would be
			# "kill" for negative selection, "select" for
			# positive selection or a digit for scoring.
			# Default might be "kill".

The advantage of this format would be that for parsing the lines I
could use already existing functions, and by implementing scoring,
it would be possible to do much more complicated filtering stuff.

(Reasons why I have become sceptical of Lloyd Zusman's patch were:
 1. I couldn't remember the syntax :-)
 2. The flex generator didn't compile properly on a number of systems,
    and I was unable to fix the problems.)

There is no code altogether for this new format for filtering, so it
will take some time before we actually see this.


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