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[leafnode-list] Fetchnews suggestion - flushing verbose output

Hi folks

My ISP currently has a flaky news server... this has prompted me to be
taking more interest than normal in how 'fetchnews' is getting on in
downloading news. My normal connection script automatically runs
fetchnews when a connection is initiated, and this is normally run via
'cron' and the connection is dropped once news and e-mail have been
downloaded. I've redirected 'fetchnews' output to a file for later
reference. However, 'stdout' is only rarely 'fflush'ed by 'fetchnews'.
If I ever want to watch how is is getting on "in real time" ('tail
-f'), it is very difficult to know whether progress is being made with
news downloading, or whether it has just hung....

I've hacked my own copy of 'fetchnews' to flush stdout after every
'printf' (only if verbose output is selected), which does the trick
nicely, but wondered whether it was something that might be useful for



Colin Brough                               Colin.Brough@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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