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Re: [leafnode-list] custom placeholder


Holger Repp schrieb:
> Hi!
> I wrote a Patch to customize the static placeholder file from leafnode
> defining a server parameter placeholder=/pathto/placeholderfile. If you
> don't configure this leafnode uses the default pseudoarticle.
>  I  am not familar with diff and patch, so I hope it works. If you have
> problems with that patch I can send you the modified files on demand to
> recompile leafnode.
> I hope Cornelius will include this code in a further release.
> Holger

This patch sounds interesting - where can I get it (there was no
appendix)? If it was cut by the mailing list, I will be very thankful to
you, if you could sent it directly to me.

Stefan Bauer
Netsolution GbR mbH
HomePage => http://www.wb-lorenz.de
eMail    => mailto:SBauer@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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