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Re: [leafnode-list] suggestion for next version....

> With this script, you avoid killing a process which has acquired fetch's
> PID during the last two hours. The advantage of using a script is (IMO)
> that it is much more flexible than a maxtime option. Furthermore, if
> maxtime hits frequently, the newsgroups at the end of your list will
> never be fetched because fetch always gets the groups at the top of
> the list only. Therefore, I am rather not inclined to use such an option.
> --Cornelius.

Good point.  maxfetch is implemented as maximum number of articles to download per newsgroup.  maxtime could be implemented the same way... although the script alternatives are just as versatile.  My problem is that my scripts are written in perl.  Perl can not (easily) run a program like fetchnews and then continue onto the next line of code.  It waits until the program is done running.  I should probably just convert the scripts to bash!  :)


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