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Re: [leafnode-list] suggestion for next version....

> Russ rote:
> > Perl can not (easily) run a program like fetchnews and then
> > continue on to the next line of code.  It waits until the program
> > is done running.  I should probably just convert the scripts to bash!
> (Please hit Enter / Return every 72 characters or so to prevent
> weird line wraps on readers that don't wrap automatically.)

I'll try... but you should use a better mail reader.  :)

> Wouldn't
>     system("fetch -vvvv &");
> work just as well in Perl as in bash?  Except for not necessarily
> knowing the process ID of the child, I suspect.  Doesn't
>     if (($kidpid = fork()) == 0) {
>         # child
>         exec("fetch -vvvv");
>         die "$0: cannot exec fetch!, ";
>     }
>     # parent
> work for that?  That's off the top of my head; I don't have a manual
> to hand to check.

I normally use `fetch -vvv` in perl scripts to run system commands.
It has always worked fine for me so I never explored the system
command.  I will look into that as well.


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