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Re: [leafnode-list] FW: Cron <news@server> /usr/local/sbin/texpire -vvv

f.wagner@xxxxxxx wrote:

> The only time texpire has deleted some messages was at it's very first
> startup.
> Since this day texpire rans first it didn't has deleted any more
> messages.

There are several possibilities which might cause problems:

1) 14 days is too long. Try a shorter expiry time.

2) You have a backup program which opens files in your /var/spool/news
   regularly. In this case, run texpire with the "-f" parameter (this
   will only check the modification time of the files, not the access
   times, and therefore delete more articles).

> The commentns belonging to expire tells that !!! unread !!! discussion
> threads will be deleted.
> In the texpire man page it is mentioned that texpire is thread based an
> a thread will be deleted if there are !!!no newer messages!!! than this
> expire value (14 days in my case).

While this is written in the man page, it is not strictly correct.
texpire has an incomplete threading algorithm which I have not worked
out properly yet and which works (IMO) a few references back. In the
distant future, the threading algorithm will be improved (hopefully).


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