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[leafnode-list] Local groups status

What's the latest on local groups?

Some time ago I got Joerg Dietrich to send me his patches. I haven't had time
to play with them until recently, and I can't persuade them to post local
articles. Stuff posted to local groups appears in out.going, from where it gets
deleted the next time fetchnews runs.

I also saw Cornelius's comments about a possible approach to doing it
with 1.10 a few months back, though I notice the 1.10 betas have gone from the
ftp site.

Judging by Cornelius's comments, if I wanted to work on local groups 1.10 would
be the place to start - I would guess rnews would handle posting the articles
to the local newsbase, and there would remain just marking the groups as local
so that they don't get expired or other Bad Things happen to them. Though
possibly local article should be put straight into the newsbase on posting.
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